The Function Of High Transparent Silicone Rubber Tube In Oxygen Machine

- Oct 17, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of life quality, people begin to pay attention to health while solving the problem of food and clothing. Therefore, the birth of oxygen machine and oxygen inhalation have become an important means of family and physical rehabilitation. The importance of oxygen machine, so it is very important to know about the accessories of oxygen machine, that is, the high transparent silicone rubber tube woven by oxygen machine.

What is high transparent silicone rubber tube?

Based on silica gel with high transparency and high tensile strength as raw material, gas-phase gel was produced by intermittent method according to the characteristics of gas phase adhesive, such as high tear, high transparency, super high hardness, low hardness mixed rubber and functional adhesive. The high transparent silicon rubber tube is made of gas phase silica gel by platinum vulcanization process, which can also be called platinum silicon tube and gas phase silicon tube.

Main characteristics of high transparent silicone rubber tube:

1. The working temperature range for long-term use is - 40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.

2. It can withstand extreme compression, chemical substances, ozone, radiation, humidity and other environmental erosion.

3. Do not decompose any odor or taste into solution medium.

4. It can be tested by FDA, lfgb, NSF, ROHS, California 65 and other standards.

Physical properties of high transparent silicone rubber tube

1. Hardness range: 50-75 degrees.

2. The temperature range of brittle point is - 50 ℃ ~ 220 ℃.

3. Non toxic and tasteless, high transparency, long-term use, no yellowing.

4. Soft and elastic, resistant to kink and deformation. It has a high environmental protection level and can pass the international standard tests of NSF, FDA, lfgb, etc. it is a harmless product.