The Future Development Trend Of Heat Shrinkable Casing Polyolefin

- Nov 28, 2018-

Polyolefin heat shrink tubing future direction

A. At present, the development direction of olefin polymerization technology in China should start with reducing cost and improving product performance. Simplify process flow, develop and adopt new catalyst, reactor and process, improve equipment utilization rate, reduce energy consumption and material consumption. At the same time, to improve the physical and mechanical properties and processing performance of existing products, research and development of new varieties, new brands.

B. In the past, most of the technology imported by Chinese enterprises adopted the mode of general contracting by foreign investors and the introduction of complete sets of equipment. It is understood that when introducing the same type of production equipment, the investment in domestic construction projects is often higher than that in foreign countries. This is due to the fact that foreign countries generally only introduce software and key equipment that they cannot produce, and are contracted by their own engineering companies. It is suggested that China should adopt foreign methods to introduce technology in the future, which can not only reduce the investment cost by 20%~25%, but also speed up the improvement of the technical level of the team and enhance the ability of self-development.

C. Risk funds should be set up and increased in the polyolefin industry of heat shrinkable casing to speed up the process of transformation and industrial application.

D. Gradually change the idea of expanding reproduction mainly by pursuing quantity, growth rate and output value, and turn to the idea of connotative economic growth mainly by pursuing quality, efficiency, improving technology and management level.

E. Since there has been too much debt on investment in science and technology over the years, we should selectively increase investment in digestion, absorption, development and innovation of imported technology to ensure adequate funds for equipment, conditions and personnel training. At the same time, we should emphasize that we should do something to avoid decentralization.

F. Organize cooperation between industry, University and research, and tackle key problems jointly by research, design and production units. In 2000, Sinopec decided to jointly develop a new generation of 200 kt/a PP ring plant with international level by Shanghai Petrochemical Company, Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Company and Beijing Chemical Research Institute, and to list it as one of the core technologies, requiring it to be achieved in terms of product brand, catalyst, process flow, energy consumption, material consumption and investment cost. The same level of similar devices in the world. At present, the first 200 kt/a PP ring plant of the new generation has been completed and operated normally in 2003, and the second production plant will be completed and started in 2004, which is a new milestone in the development of polyolefin technology in China.

G. To formulate incentive policies adapted to the conditions of market economy and encourage relevant units to cooperate fully, especially in the use of information, large-scale instruments and pilot-scale equipment, so as to avoid "large and complete, small and complete" and waste human, material and financial resources.

H. Because the technology and management level of China's polyolefin industry is quite different from that of large foreign companies, we should strengthen opening up and adopt various cooperation modes with foreign countries, such as introducing technology, joint venture, joint development, introducing and training talents, in order to achieve mutual benefit and improve the level of China's polyolefin industry.



    b.过去,我国企业引进技术大多采用外商总承包、成套装置引进的方式。据了解,引进相同类型的生产装置,国内工程建设投资往往高于国外,这是由于国外一般 只引进软件及自己不能生产的关键设备,由自己的工程公司总承包。建议我国今后引进技术也采取国外的方式,这样既可以降低投资费用20%~25%,同时又能 加快提高队伍的技术水平,增强自行开发能力。




    f.组织产学研合作,科研、设计、生产单位共同攻关。2000年,中国石化决定由上海石化公司、北京石化工程公司和北京化工研究院共同开发具有国际水平的新一代环管200kt/a PP装置,并将其列为核心技术之一,要求在产品牌号、催化剂、工艺流程、能耗、物耗、投资费用等方面达到国际同类装置的相同水平。目前第一套新一代环管200kt/a PP装置已于2003年建成并运转正常,第二套生产装置也将于2004年建成开车,这是我国聚烯烃技术开发新的里程碑。