The Role Of Heat Shrinkable Tubig In Life And The Factors Affecting Its Color

- Mar 20, 2019-

Thermal shrinkable casing material, also known as polymer memory material, is the product of the combination of polymer material and radiation processing technology material, and is an intelligent material. Polymer materials commonly used in life are polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other commonly used linear materials. After radiation from radiation sources such as electron accelerators, these materials will have unique memory function. After expansion and cooling, they can be restored to their original shape after heating.

Heat shrinkable sleeve material has memory function and can be used to make heat shrinkable pipes, membranes and profiles. Its main feature is that it can be wrapped on the surface of the object after heat shrinkage. It can play the role of insulation, moisture-proof, sealing, protection and continuation. It can effectively protect the wrapped products and avoid rust and dampness.

Thermal shrinkable sleeve material is a new kind of high-tech material. The principle of its manufacture is to make good parts of the rubber tube and insert the expanded part into the support. When it is applied, the support will be pulled out directly, and the rubber tube will shrink directly on the covered object. It is not necessary to heat the shrinkage process of heat shrinkable casing, so it is called cold shrinkable casing.

Like heat shrinkable sleeves, cold shrinkable sleeves are widely used in our life, such as power cable joints, communication cable joints, electrical and electronic insulation, joint protection of military and aerospace systems, protection of various wiring harness joints and other applications requiring insulation, sealing and anti-corrosion.

These are the characteristics of heat shrinkable casing, which are required to meet people's needs.

Heat shrinkable tubes are often used in electronic products. There are many colors of heat shrinkable tubes. We often have black, red, yellow and other different colors. For various colors, the need for double-wall heat shrinkable tubes in electronic products is different. Different colors are to be used in different electronic products. But often customers do not like this color, it is the manufacturers in the production of a contradictory mentality.

Among the customers of some manufacturers, most of them don't know about the heat shrinkable tube, only know that the manufacturer will produce the required goods according to his requirements, but sometimes the manufacturer is really hard to say. In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the process of communication, we need to understand the pains of the manufacturer.

Masterbatch is the main component to determine the color of pyrocondensation. After many times of treatment, the color of pyrocondensation tube has changed.

In the process of extrusion, affected by high temperature, some properties of Color Masterbatch will change and impurities will be extruded.

In the process of irradiation, the electron beam will expand the thermoplastic tube, and there will be cross-linking reaction. These are physical changes of the thermoplastic tube, which have a certain impact on the color.

In the expansion process of the heat shrinkable tube, glycerol heating is generally used. At this time, high temperature, impurities and some factors can affect the color change.

Some of these disturbances are essentially inevitable. Now the processing technology of heat-shrinkable pipes can be difficult to control, so customers need to understand the manufacturers of heat-shrinkable pipes, only to ensure that the color error with you is very small, can not say that there is no error.

And most importantly, there is no manufacturer that can match all the colors. For products of different specifications, the demand for colors is very large. Several common colors are there, so the general manufacturer has a fixed number of colors and heat-shrinkable tubes. Moreover, the color of heat shrinkable tubes produced by each manufacturer is impossible to be the same. The color produced by the same manufacturer is different, not to mention different manufacturer, unless it is the same batch of products, it is possible to achieve color consistency.