The Three Ways And Techniques Of Heat The Heat Shrink Tube

- Aug 20, 2018-

How to heat the heat shrink tube? The following are three common heating methods and techniques for heat shrink tubes:

1. Hot air guns. In the process of heating, we can us hot air guns from left to right or from right to left in one direction. We also can heat from the middle to both ends of heat shrink tubes in order to avoid air left in the heat shrink tube. Do not get too close the surface or heat it in one place, otherwise it will cause uneven thickness or burn the casing. 
2. Hair dryer:  The temperature of the hair dryer is lower than the electric hot air gun, Its heating method is the same as the hot air gun, but it may take a long time.
3.Lighter:  Lighter is easy to carry and suitable for a small quantity of heat shrink tube, It is also a waste of time and scalded hands easily.
These are the three common heating methods for the hot shrink tube. It can be seen that type of hair dryer and lighters take more time and the effect is not better than the hot air gun. It is suggested that the hot air gun should be used to heat the hot shrink tube. 
   Now we are selling the Hot Air Gun with the competitive price. Hot air gun can be used for melt material, soften coating or plastic, heat shrinkable tube, car upholstery, refrigerator defrost and so on. At the same time, it is the main tool to shrink the heat shrinkable tube as long as it chooses the proper temperature and the best distance, and will not have bad effect on other objects.