Thermoplastic Polyimide

- Jul 13, 2020-

Thermoplastic polyimide is a new generation of high performance special engineering plastics. It not only retains the characteristics of traditional thermosetting polyimide, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good dielectric properties and radiation resistance, but also improves the processability. In addition to hot molding, it can also be molded by extrusion or injection.

Main characteristics of thermoplastic polyimide

1. Outstanding machinability characteristics: injection molding, extrusion, hot molding, spray molding; no small molecules released during processing, small shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy of parts

2. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties: high modulus, impact resistance, creep resistance, is an ideal structural functional material

3. It has high deformation temperature, good heat resistance and good mechanical strength in a wide range of high and low temperature

4. High insulation and excellent dielectric properties

5. stable chemical properties, resistant to various oils and organic solvents, flame retardancy and aging resistance.

6. Wear resistance. It is an excellent matrix material for reducing friction and increasing wear

7. Material purity: no small molecule substance is released in the process of processing and using.

Application field of thermoplastic polyimide

Thermoplastic polyimide can be widely used in aerospace, automobile, electronic appliances, precision machinery and other fields because of its excellent comprehensive properties. It can be made into plate, bar or tube, thin film and structural composite precision components, such as gears, bearings, connectors, etc. in specific occasions, it is an ideal material to replace metal, ceramic, low temperature or difficult to process thermosetting resin.

At present, the advanced polymer material with high temperature resistance is thermosetting polyimide represented by Vespel of DuPont company. However, due to its difficult processing and molding, the product form is mainly finished or semi-finished products, with narrow application range and high price. The second is thermoplastic polyimide (TPI), represented by aurum of Mitsui company, and peek of Victrex. This kind of material can be molded by extrusion, injection and hot pressing, which greatly improves the machinability.

Ngdj thermoplastic polyimide belongs to the same type and grade of polymer material as aurum of Mitsui company. Its properties meet the requirements of aurum resin in all aspects, and its molding temperature is much lower than aurum resin. Compared with PEEK and other special engineering plastics (such as PES and PPS), ngdj thermoplastic polyimide has obvious advantages in mechanical properties, thermal properties and friction and wear properties.

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