Thick Wall Teflon Heat Shrink Tubes Order Confirmed

- May 14, 2018-

Thick wall Teflon heat shrink tubes order confirmed

Material: PTFE

Shrink ratio:1.7:1 

Size: AWG 17, AWG 14, AWG 20,etc.

Color: clear

Wall thickness(before shirnking/as supply): 3.5mm 

After more than 1 month searching, our client finally find us, they feedback that very few factory can produce this special wall thickness for them, it's very lucky that they find us.

After sample and trial order testing, they given us 100,000 meters orders in may,2018.

Thanks for their believeness, we'll always ensure first grade of quality to our clients.

Come on! KEHONG Enterprises Co Ltd.

Clear tube.jpg

Teflon heat shrink tube also named PTFE heat shrink tubes

We produce 1.7:1 and 4:1 two shrink ratio, non shrink PTPE heat shrink tubes are also in our production area.