Understand The Specific Classification Of Various Heat Shrinkable Tubes

- Feb 01, 2019-

PE irradiated crosslinked heat shrinkable pipe has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, good chemical resistance and so on, widely used in cables, joints, transformers, inductive coil insulation materials, can also be used as oil, water, gas and chemical pipeline anti-corrosion coating.

Pet heat shrinkable casing and PVC heat shrinkable casing is not much different, will not increase the user's investment in equipment, is a new generation of packaging materials. Pet Thermal Shrinkage tube is non-toxic, and easy to recover, the human body and the environment will not have toxic effects, more in line with environmental requirements. In the use of methods, electrolytic capacitors, inductors and other electronic components, high-grade rechargeable batteries, toys and medical equipment outsourcing, can fully meet the export requirements.

Both double-walled heat shrinkable tubes with glue and single-walled heat shrinkable tubes are processed by polyolefin substrates.

With glue double-walled heat shrinkable tube wall more than a layer of hot melt adhesive, so waterproof and moisture-proof performance is more excellent. The outer layer is composed of radiant crosslinked polyolefin, the inner layer is specially designed for the colloidal inner wall, the inner wall melts when heated, and fills with the outer wall to fill the pores or gaps, after cooling, with the glue heat shrinkable pipe wall thickness uniform, solid. Widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproofing, wire branches of the sealing fixed, metal pipeline corrosion protection, as well as to prevent loosening and shedding from the polymer chain relaxation, such as underwater lighting, automotive tubing, automotive wiring harness, advanced wiring harness and so on. Features: soft, flame retardant, good sealing, moisture-proof, waterproof performance.

Single wall heat shrinkable tube only one layer of wall, long-term use, due to the role of thermal expansion and contraction, pipe and products will appear between the gap, easy to have moisture in. Therefore, if the product uses a large moisture environment, it is recommended to use a double-walled heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkable tube.

First, according to the shrinkage ratio classification: Twice times shrinkage heat shrinkage tube 3 times times shrinkage specific heat shrinkage 4 times times shrinkage heat shrinkage 5 times times shrinkage heat shrinkage tube 6 times times shrinkage specific heat shrinkage tube

Second, according to the proportion of temperature classification: High shrinkage specific heat shrinkage tube, high temperature heat shrinkable tube (105-260 degrees), 200 degrees military heat shrinkable tube, 175 degrees transparent flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, high-performance oil-resistant soft rubber heat shrinkable tube, 105 degrees high temperature heat shrinkage casing, 125 degrees high temperature heat shrinkable casing, 135 degrees high temperature heat shrinkage casing, 150 degree high temperature heat shrinkable casing, 175 degrees high temperature heat shrinkable casing, 200 degrees high temperature heat shrinkable casing, 260 degrees high temperature heat shrinkable casing, 400 degrees high temperature heat shrinkable casing

Third, according to the Heat shrinkage material classification: Fluorine rubber heat shrinkage pipe, Teflon heat shrinkage pipe, FEP Heat shrinkable Tube PTFE thermal Shrinkage high temperature heat shrinkable tube casing PVDF heat shrinkable tube pet heat shrinkable Tube PE heat shrinkable Tube PVC Heat shrinkable Tube polyvinylidene fluoride heat shrinkable tube PTFE heat shrinkable tube fluorine rubber heat shrinkable tube silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube crosslinked polyolefin heat shrinkable tube polyester heat shrinkable Tube iron Teflon heat shrinkable pipe

Four, by color classification: yellow and green double-color heat shrinkable tube, black heat shrinkable tube white heat shrinkable tube yellow heat shrinkable tube blue heat shrinkable tube red heat shrinkable tube grey heat shrinkable tube transparent heat shrinkable tube green heat shrinkable tube yellow green double color heat shrinkable tube brown heat shrinkable Tube

V. Classification by use: Sealed waterproof heat shrinkable tube, marine heat shrinkable pipe, cable marking with heat shrinkable pipe, automotive wire harness heat shrinkable pipe pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable pipe, cable protection heat shrinkage pipe, communication heat shrinkage pipe, medical device withdrawal heat shrinkage tube, military heat shrinkable tube high temperature heat shrinkable tube waterproof heat shrinkable tube high shrinkage specific thermal shrinkage pipe anti-oil heat shrinkable tube, Fiber optic heat shrinkable casing.

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