Unveiling The Underlying Rules: Non-standard Insulating Heat-shrinkable Material Is Garbage

- Dec 25, 2018-

Today on the Internet to see a: Revealing the power of the wire industry rules: non-marking to "foreign garbage" to do insulation materials news, after reading feel too terrible. Kehong Electronics here to remind you, in the purchase of wire and cable must recognize the brand.

Here's what the news is about:

In the Shandong Province Consumer Association, Shandong Province Administration for industry and Commerce, Shandong Radio and television hosted by the "New rights, New forces" party, some manufacturers blindly reduce costs, the production of inferior wire phenomenon has been exposed, many shoddy power lines have flowed into countless ordinary people's homes, buried one after another time bomb.

First, in order to pursue profits and reduce costs, there are regular manufacturers also create "non-marking line"

Shandong Yanggu Sunshine Cable Co., Ltd. staff unabashedly told reporters that they are producing "non-marking lines" here. Taian Cable Co., Ltd., located in Xintai Town, is still starting production without obtaining 3C certification.

Second, the use of imported waste plastic made of power lines, easy to aging and easy to unicom.

Reporter saw Guohui Cable Co., Ltd., they use PVC materials is called Ascendas plastic factory production in Shunping County, Hebei Province, and then dialed the packaging bag on the contact telephone, plastic factory told reporters that they are using imported second-generation materials, that is, the United States, Japan's scrap leather.

The so-called second-generation material is by the industrial and mining enterprises of the scraps and imported plastic waste picking and crushing processing, glossy, easy to aging, one to two years of time may break their own, very easy to seepage and Unicom, has a great safety hazard.

Third, non-standard wires into the industry's hidden rules, has flowed into ordinary people's homes.

Reporter after a January-year survey found that the wire industry production process is relatively simple, some production scale is not large manufacturers and even family workshops, can produce tens of thousands of meters of wires every day. Many manufacturers in order to meet market demand, do not lose in the price competition, will be related to tens life and property safety of the wire quality after the brain, do everything to reduce production costs, the production of unqualified power lines. And these shoddy wires eventually flowed into the homes of countless ordinary people, burying one time and another without a ticking time bomb.