What Are The Characteristics And Application Of Communication Silicone Rubber Tube

- Nov 19, 2019-

Features: strong environmental adaptability, fast production speed and long service life.

1. The inner wall of the communication silicon rubber pipe is smooth, and the conventional expansion ratio is 3.5-4.5 times. Our company can produce products that can reach more than 6.5 times. The friction coefficient is very small, so it is very easy to extract in the pipe after assembling the support strip.

2. Communication silicon rubber tube with small curvature radius can support customization of various specifications and colors.

3. Each product can be cut according to the length required by the customer, and packed with PE + rice paper + carton to prevent the product from being damaged during the transportation.

4. The color bottom and color bar of communication silicon rubber tube can be provided according to the user's requirements. In order to make our products beautiful and anti-oxidation, we recommend using black and black products, because these two colors are more resistant to dirt. After all, communication tubes belong to appearance products.

5. Flame retardancy. The flame retardant grade of conventional communication pipe is HB combustion speed less than 40mm / min. if flame retardant is added, it can reach V0 level and self extinguishing effect within 30 seconds.

6. Resilience, moisture-proof and water-proof, and resilience of communication pipe due to its expansion ratio are also very good. The physical inertia of silica gel is very stable, even when it is wet and rainy, it will not affect its normal operation.

7. Weather resistance, insolation and ozone resistance: the communication tube has the physical reaction of heat expansion and cold contraction, which can achieve the "same breath" function with the base station terminal. Under the strong sunlight, almost no damage to the communication tube comes from the UV resistance and temperature resistance (except normal loss)

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