What Are The Standards To Measure The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silicone Rubber Pipe

- Nov 06, 2019-

What is the standard to measure the quality of silicone rubber pipe? In our life, we can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of silicon rubber tube by vision, sniffing and tools, from the appearance of silicon tube to smell, to mechanical test, etc.

When different silicone rubber pipes are used in different products, the test requirements are also different. Generally speaking, the quality of silicone rubber tube is defined from packaging, description, color, smell, tensile test and aging test.

1. Outer packing: the packing surface is clean and tidy without pollution or damage.

2. Identification: the identification is clear without damage. Model, name, weight, manufacturer, date of manufacture, validity and other basic information shall be indicated.

3. Operation instruction: the product operation instruction shall be attached, which shall include the following contents:

A. technical parameters such as main components, opening time and curing time.

B. detailed usage.

C. storage mode and precautions.

4. Appearance: extruded silica gel shall be pasted, free of bubbles and crusts, smooth, without collapse and foreign matters.

5. Curing condition: the blade shall be extruded for at least one section of 10cm. After curing, cut one section every 5mm, and there is no air hole in the section.

6. Color: the color shall meet the design requirements without obvious color difference.

7. Odor: no strong irritant odor.

8. Extrudability: smooth extrusion, good size shape.

Physical property

1. Tensile test: mechanical testing machine ≥ 1.5MPa (excluding silica gel with special requirements)

2. Hot and cold cycle: high temperature 60 ℃, 2h, low temperature 20 ℃, 2h is one cycle, three cycles in succession.

3. Water resistance: no obvious change after soaking in silica gel for 12 hours.

4. anti aging: the test report is in line with national standards.