What Are Two Main Materials Of Heat Shrinkable Tubes Which Are Available In Current Market?

- Aug 21, 2018-

1. PVC
PVC heat-shrinkable pipe has the characteristics of shrinkage when heated to 98 C or above, which is very simple and convenient to use. It can be divided into two categories according to the temperature tolerance of 85 degrees centigrade and 105 degrees centigrade. PVC is a new generation of packaging materials, which can avoid some harmful substances in electrical equipment, so it is widely used.
2. PE
 Compared with PVC, PE heat-shrinkable pipe can be degraded, and can be used in products with environmental protection grade requirements, especially PE is non-toxic, easy to recycle, and will have not toxic effects on human body and the environment. In other respects, such as heat resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical properties, the PET tube is better than the PVC tube.
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