What Factors Affect The Shrinkage Time Of Heat Shrinkable Casing

- Sep 25, 2019-

What are the factors that affect the shrinkage time of heat shrinkable casing?

The first point we should think of is heating tools, boiling and hot air gun obviously use hot air gun heat shrinkage tube time is faster, so choosing the appropriate heat shrinkage tube heating tool is one of the important reasons affecting heat shrinkage tube time, heat shrinkage tube heating tools or common heating methods are lighter, flame gun. Oven, boiling, hot air gun, etc.

Secondly, it depends on the size of the heat-shrinkable tube. The size of the heat-shrinkable tube includes the thickness of the wall, the size of the heat-shrinkable tube and the length of the heat-shrinkable tube. Obviously, the smaller the heat-shrinkable tube, the faster the shrinkage.

Then, the material itself of the heat-shrinkable pipe is an important factor affecting the heat-shrinkable time of the heat-shrinkable casing. Compared with the shrinkage tubes made of PVDF and PTFE, the shrinkage time of PVC and PE is shorter under the same shrinkage mode. The shrinkage time is relatively slow for shrinkage pipes requiring two or three hundred temperatures.

The shrinkage time of heat-shrinkable tube is affected by heating method and shrinkage technique when the size of heat-shrinkable casing and heating tools are the same.

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