What Insulating Protective Sleeves Are Used In New Energy Vehicles?

- Sep 10, 2019-

Which insulating protective sleeves are mainly used for new energy vehicles in our company?

1. First of all, there are glass fibre tubes, high temperature resistant glass fibre tubes (also known as bellows), silicone glass fibre tubes, silicone rubber glass fibre casing.

2. The second is silica gel tube and silica gel heat shrinkable tube.

3. Heat-shrinkable pipes with rubber, i.e. double-wall pipes, are mainly used in the pipelines of automobile oil transportation system, brake system pipes and wire harness wrapping.

4. Bellows: PA6 nylon bellows, PE polyethylene bellows, PP polypropylene bellows;

5. Heat shrinkable marking tube and cable marking card for marking automobile harness;

6. Special heat-shrinkable pipes, such as high-temperature ferrofluoride pipes and so on.