What Is The Classification Of Heat Shrinkable Tubes?

- Mar 13, 2019-

What is the classification of heat shrinkable tubes? When we buy heat-shrinkable pipes, we find that many products under different categories of heat-shrinkable pipes seem to be the same, and the appearance does not seem to be different. Here Kehong electronic heat-shrinkable pipe network collected some reference materials, summarized and shared to you, so that you can understand what is the classification of heat-shrinkable pipe?

There are many kinds of distribution in the classification of heat shrinkable tubes.

According to the temperature classification: high temperature, low temperature; according to thickness: ultra-thin wall, thin wall, middle wall, thick wall;

According to the material, it can be divided into PE heat-shrinkable pipe, high-pressure heat-shrinkable sleeve for bus insulation, PET heat-shrinkable pipe and PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve.

According to the voltage level, it can be divided into high-pressure heat-shrinkable tube and low-pressure heat-shrinkable tube.

According to the industry is divided into: electronics, electricity, electricians, aviation, ships, railways, automobiles, manufacturing, etc.

According to the grade, it can be divided into military grade, special grade and environmental protection.

According to the structure, it can be divided into single-wall heat-shrinkable tube, double-wall heat-shrinkable tube, rubber-containing heat-shrinkable tube and so on.