What Is The Role Of Plastic Double-wall Heat Shrink Tube?

- Dec 20, 2017-

First, the outer material with double wall heat shrinkable tubes has the function of insulation, anticorrosion and abrasion resistance. It can better protect the internal materials, and also prolong the service life of them, avoiding frequent replacement.

The inner layer second, with plastic double wall heat shrinkable tube with a low melting point, high adhesion, waterproof and sealing effect, and the initial shrinkage temperature it is 70 DEG C, so in our daily life is quite practical, we do not have to worry about the accident will be used in the process.

Third, the application of double wall heat shrinkable tube is also extensive. It is applied to the wiring and waterproofing of electronic devices. It can also be used for anti-corrosion protection of wires, branches, repairs of wires and cables, and wiring of pumps and submersible pumps. Its effect is very good, and is often used as the first choice of waterproof and insulation materials.