What Should Be Paid Attention To In Heat Shrinkable Casing Storage

- Mar 19, 2020-

How to store the daily heat shrinkable casing so that it does not affect the use performance of the heat shrinkable casing. Through reasonable storage and intact protection of its performance, there are two simple measures:

1、 Heat shrinkable sleeve is generally stored in a ventilated, dry and clean warehouse to avoid exposure to light, heat source and other radiation. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid rain, heavy pressure and all kinds of external force impact. For the warehouse storing heat shrinkable casing, the temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃ and the humidity shall not exceed 55%.

2、 For the heat shrinkable casing in stock, the principle of first in first out should be followed. For the rest, pack them completely to avoid dust absorption.

Reasonable storage of heat shrinkable casing not only keeps its own characteristics, but also ensures the effect of using parts, so as to prevent adverse impact on production and life caused by unreasonable storage factors.