Where Is The Quality Control Of Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

- Apr 13, 2020-

The quality of the cold shrinkable cable accessories is very important, especially the middle and high voltage cold shrinkable cable accessories, once there is a problem, it is easy to have an accident, resulting in unpredictable consequences. Therefore, the quality control of cold shrinkable cable accessories is very important. Generally, we should check the following performance requirements.

1. Sealing performance. The sealing and moisture-proof performance directly affects the electrical performance and service life of the cold shrinkable cable accessories, and whether the sealing structure of the terminal is reliable and stable.

2. Electrical performance. The quality of electrical performance is the first principle to judge the quality of cable accessories. Consider the thermal performance of cable accessories, such as dielectric loss, contact resistance of conductor connection and its stability, heat conduction and release, the influence of thermal expansion and contraction on the electrical and mechanical properties of various components, etc.

3. Mechanical properties. The terminal shall have enough bending resistance and shockproof ability. The intermediate joint shall be able to bear certain pulling force and measures to prevent external force damage.

4. Process performance. Process performance is an important condition for cable accessories planning and selection. The installation process shall be as simple as possible, convenient for site construction and short construction period.

5. Manufacturer's quality assurance system. When prefabricated cable accessories leave the factory, the manufacturer provides rubber prefabricated parts, prefabricated stress cone, porcelain sleeve, shell, impregnant and other parts, which are assembled into integral terminals or joints during field installation.

6. Control of raw materials. If the raw materials are recycled materials or secondary materials, the above performance requirements cannot be met at all.