Which Material Is Better To Repair Phone Charging Line?

- Aug 08, 2018-

Repair artifact: heat shrink tube, hot melt glue
Fix object: iPhone, Android data cable
Test 1: we use heat shrink tube to repair the most broken data line.
Test process: 一,we cut a section of heat shrink pipe and the length is 2 centimeters larger than data line damage length; Making heat shrink tube to shrink, we use hot air gun or lighter to bake heat shrink tube surface. Finally, we can see the heat shrink tube id tightly wrap the broken part of the data line.
Operation convenience: easy to operate and repair the apple data line. The appearance and the stickiness is good.
Test 2: hot melt adhesive
Test process: we use Hot melt glue to apply on the data line damage.
Operation convenience: it is still difficult if you are very skilled. The glue can not be smeared evenly.
Repair effect: repair is not very neat and  good-looking.
By the experimental comparison, we can see the repair effect of heat shrink pipe is the best.
We can repair the data line of mobile phone by using the 5mm or 6mm internal diameter heat-shrinkable tube.