Which Medical Reagents Can Be Used In Medical Silicone Rubber Tube?

- Oct 25, 2019-

The medical silicone rubber tube is made of medical silicone rubber by vertical extrusion of platinum vulcanization of precision mold, with smooth inner cavity, uniform specification and size, uniform wall thickness, strong tear resistance, strong elasticity, no yellowing, no volatilization, and no special impurities. Well, no plasticizer. It meets the standards of food hygiene, Pharmacopoeia and medical examination and has a service life of more than 10 years.

Medical grade silicone rubber tube is a kind of silicone rubber tube specially used in medical field. Medical grade silicone rubber tubes are commonly used in class I, II and III medical devices. They are often exposed to liquids and medical reagents. What kind of reagent can medical silicone rubber tube bear?

It has been proved that the medical silicone rubber tube is suitable for weak corrosive chemicals, acetaldehyde reagent, animal and vegetable oil, glucose, alcohol, hand sanitizer, blood, weak alkaline gas and other solvents.

Medical silicone rubber pipe is not suitable for strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent, such as high concentration sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, lubricating oil, silicone oil, mineral oil, oil, gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, carbon tetrachloride, hydrogen, etc. High concentration of ozone.

Medical silicone rubber tube, if the medical silicone rubber tube needs liquid medicine, and the liquid medicine has a certain pH value, it needs to have acid and alkali resistance requirements. They have to be alcohol resistant. Medical silicone rubber tubes need to be ozone resistant.

Therefore, medical silicone rubber tube can not be used arbitrarily, and it needs to be customized according to different use environment.

With the rapid development of modern medicine, many medical devices are more and more advanced, and medical silicone rubber tubes are also used more and more widely. With its existence, many problems in the use of medical supplies have been solved. What are the main uses of medical silicone rubber tubes?

The medical silicone rubber tube can be used not only for medical equipment, but also for internal and external tissues of human body. Its safety performance is very high, and it will not have harmful side effects on human body. However, this kind of medical silicone rubber tube has strict procedures in the selection of materials, and the silicone imported from abroad is used.

According to the survey, the service life of medical silicone rubber tube can be up to 175 hours, and the inner diameter can also be made into 0.4mm. After implanted into the human body, it will not cause any impact on some organs inside the human body, and will not cause inflammation, so it is widely used in medical and health fields.

Medical silicone rubber tube has strong cold and high temperature resistance, not only non-toxic and harmless, but also has the function of preventing ultraviolet rays.

Medical silicone rubber tube is not to be underestimated. For example, it can also be applied to medical devices that need high technology, such as medical machinery, ventilator and medical analysis instruments.