Why 10KV Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories Are More And More Widely Used

- Jun 18, 2020-

In the original power construction use, 10KV heat shrinkable cable accessories are more widely used than 10KV cold shrinkable cable accessories. After years of development, cold shrinkable cable accessories are now more and more widely used. We have summarized the following reasons:

    1. Wide application range Silicone rubber 10KV cold shrinkable cable accessories use silicone rubber as raw material. Therefore, it is particularly resistant to contamination, has good water repellency and has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and is particularly suitable for high altitude areas and cold areas. Of course, salt spray areas and heavily polluted areas are also quite suitable. Another advantage is that there is no need to use an open flame during installation, which is especially suitable for flammable and explosive places such as petroleum, chemical industry, non-ferrous metals and minerals. Compared with traditional heat-shrinkable cable accessories, it is necessary to heat and shrink with flame. In these places, cold-shrinkable cable accessories are obviously more suitable and safer.

    2. Long service life Silicon rubber cold-shrinkable cable accessories have a very strong resistance to natural aging, so their service life is naturally very long.

    3. The cost performance is getting higher and higher. After 10 years of development, process and technology improvements, the price of silicone rubber 10KV cold shrinkable cable accessories is gradually lowering, and the performance is better. In this way, the price advantage of heat shrinkable cable accessories is gradually lost.

    4. Simple installation process The installation of silicone rubber 10KV cold shrinkable cable accessories only needs to use common and simple special tools without any equipment. According to the requirements in the manual, any ordinary electrician can be installed. Compared with heat shrinkable cable accessories, flame heating and shrinking are required, and the construction is relatively complicated and cumbersome.

    5. Reliable insulation The raw material of silicone rubber cold-shrinkable cable accessories is silicone rubber, so the insulation performance of the material itself is very good. The high elasticity of silicone rubber keeps the interface under constant pressure for a long time, ensuring that the interface is tight under any circumstances, thus avoiding the instability of the interface due to the defects of the accessories itself, causing breathing and destroying the insulation. Due to the hydrophobicity of silicone rubber cold-shrinkable cable accessories, the problem of pollution flashover during operation is solved. A new type of stress structure is adopted to make the accessories more visible during installation.

    6. Environmental protection and safety The 10KV cold shrinkable cable accessories use imported silicone rubber, and the material has the advantages of environmental protection, safety and reliability.


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