Why Can't Cold Shrink Cable Accessories Be Stored In Large Quantity

- Dec 31, 2019-

Our domestic manufacturers of cold shrinkable cable accessories generally do not have a large amount of spare stock. Even the spare stock is generally shipped or used up within half a year. Why.

This is because the cold shrinkable cable accessories are mainly made of silicone rubber after vulcanization and expansion, which is a kind of polymer material, which can not avoid the aging problem of polymer material. There are many aging factors, temperature cycle, UV, external materials, etc., which is an irresistible process of polymer material. So from the beginning of raw material production, the material begins to enter the aging cycle. Especially after the expansion of the cold shrinkable cable, aging will greatly increase the shrinkage permanent deformation rate of the cold shrinkable pipe. The contraction range of the cold shrinkable cable accessories is limited. If the permanent deformation is too large and exceeds the design allowance, the contraction may not be in place, and the installation quality problem may occur. Mainly due to this factor, the cold shrink cable accessory is a product with a shelf life of not too long. Generally speaking, there will be significant permanent deformation six months after the expansion of the cold shrink cable accessory. Therefore, we suggest that the customer use it up within half a year after purchase.

Before that, our customers also bought a large number of cold shrink cable accessories, and they left several sets unused for a year and a half. When they opened them, they found that the insulation pipe was a little shrunk. That's why we've described it above.

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