Why Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories Have Advantages Over Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories

- Mar 06, 2020-

Why cold shrinkable cable accessories have advantages over heat shrinkable cable accessories

The advantages of cold shrink cable accessories are as follows:

1. Compared with the heat shrinkable cable accessories, the heat shrinkable cable accessories need to be heated by fire, and there is a risk that the internal layers of the accessories will be separated if they are bent or moved; the cold shrinkable cable accessories do not need to be heated by fire, and the internal interface characteristics are ensured by the elastic pressing force, and the fire heating is not used in the operation, which not only avoids the trouble of heating by fire, but also eliminates the potential fire hazard 。

2. Small size, convenient operation, agility, no need of special tools, no open fire and heating during installation, safe and reliable, time-saving and labor-saving, only need to pull out the core, the elastomer will quickly shrink and tighten to the required installation position.

3. It has wide application range, anti fouling, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and can be used for a long time in harsh environment.

4. It has stable performance and long service life. The sealant is used to bond all connecting parts to achieve overall sealing. It has good insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and can prevent and avoid operation accidents caused by atmospheric environment.


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