Why Do The Heat Shrink Tubes Such As Busbar Protection Casing Have Chromatic Aberration?

- Nov 01, 2018-

In the receipt of the busbar heat shrinkable tube, double wall heat shrinkable tube, such as heat shrinkable series insulation casing, including the card buckle insulation sheath, you will find the batch or even the same batch of casing color is different, this is the legendary chromatic aberration, is the casing bad cause?

In the heat shrinkable tube in this industry, the mother row protection casing, heat shrink casing color is very much, generally used in the color of the heat shrinkable tube: red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, commonly used to protect the color of the female casing: rust red, green and yellow.

Heat shrinkable tube and busbar protection casing in the production process will appear chromatic aberration, the main reasons are:

1. Different casing raw materials of different batches, can also lead to the production of different colors of the finished product.

2. Depending on the 10KV and 35KV different materials will also lead to different colors.

3. Masterbatch is the main ingredient that determines the color of the heat shrinkable tubing, which is changed in color after the heat shrinkable tubing has undergone several processing processes.

4. In the process of extrusion, under the influence of high temperature, color masterbatch will have some performance changes, impurities will be followed by extrusion.

5. In the process of irradiation, electronic radiation with the expansion of the heat shrinkable tube, and the emergence of cross-linking reaction, these are physical changes, the color has a certain effect.

6. In the expansion process of heat shrinkable tube, the general use is glycerin heating, this time high temperature, impurities and some factors can affect the color change.

7. Heat Shrinkable tube color, different specifications of the heat shrink tube, the demand for color is very large, so the general manufacturers are fixed several colors of the heat shrinkable tube. The same factory produced by the heat shrink tube, according to the different production batches will have some chromatic aberration, not to mention the different manufacturers produced by the heat shrink tube color will be slightly different, unless the same factory produced by the heat shrink tube in the production process to control in place and uninterrupted production, so that the production of heat shrink tube chromatic aberration will be very small.

Some of these disturbances are basically unavoidable, as long as the heat shrink tube color difference is not too large, it is important that performance has no impact, in line with the corresponding certification indicators are acceptable.