Will The Edge Of Silicone Rubber Pipe Burst In The Production Process

- Nov 25, 2019-

Under what kind of conditions, there will be some problems when using silicone rubber pipes. It can't be said that the products of this type can be used anywhere, but it's not necessarily suitable for the pipes used in all industries. Of course, we often encounter such a situation, such as a friend who wants to buy silicone rubber pipes and apply them outside the villa to protect the aluminum type Pipe, but we don't advocate to use the device like this. Although silicone rubber pipe can be used no matter how bad the environment is, but the premise is that there is no artificial condition, the device around the road and the use is different.

Compared with indoor devices, the risk of silicone rubber pipe in outdoor devices is more, which makes the side of the pipe burst more. Generally, there are more people, and the driver will still burst the silicone rubber pipe under pressure. The second point is the problem of raw materials. It is necessary to know that the silicone rubber pipe is divided into soft type and hard type, and the raw materials are different on the two kinds of pipes. After all, except for the man-made side burst In addition, there is another reason, that is, the problem of raw materials and production. When the mold is opened, when the temperature increases a lot, the silica gel products are easy to show the edge of explosion. One is that the temperature is too low, the shaped pipes made will show white dots, which will lead to the edge of explosion in the long-term use.

Solution to edge burst:

1. In the outdoor use of silicone rubber pipes and roadsides, we advocate that the solution is to wrap a layer of iron pipes or steel pipes outside the silicone rubber pipes, which is conducive to the long-term use of silicone rubber pipe products in the process of obtaining many safety guarantees, and will not cause edge explosion.

2. The second point is necessary for the manufacturing engineering skills of silicone rubber pipe. Customers need to know that there are different molds for each silicone product standard, and only with the model can they be molded, especially the control of molding temperature in the manufacturing process is extremely important. It is necessary to control the high temperature detail period and low temperature detail period.