With The Rapid Development Of Wire And Cable, The Demand For Hot Shrink Tube Is Rising.

- Sep 20, 2018-

Where wires and cables are used, there is naturally no shortage of heat shrink tubes. At present, the global wire and cable market is more than 100 billion Euros. In the global wire and cable industry,  the size of Asian market is 37 %, the European market is close to 30%, the American market  is 24%, and the other markets are 9%. The market of wire and cable industry is the largest in more than 20 subdivisions of electrical and electrical industry, accounting for 1/4 of the output value. With the rapid development and expansion of power, petroleum, chemical, urban rail transit, automobile and shipbuilding industries around the world, especially the scale of wire and cable industry is growing rapidly. It can be seen that the wire and cable market is considerable, so the demand for heat shrink  tubes is also rising with the rapid development of cables.