XLPE Insulation Material And Breakdown Voltage Characteristics

- Jun 17, 2019-

1) Characteristics of Long-time Breakdown Voltage

The characteristics of long breakdown voltage of power frequency cable depend on the diameter of conductor and the thickness of insulator. The relationship between breakdown voltage and insulator thickness.

2) Characteristics of Short-time Breakdown Voltage

After the cable is charged, the power frequency breakdown voltage will drop a little quickly, and then reach the saturation point. The applied voltage rises rapidly to a certain value, which is maintained until the breakdown time is obtained.

3) dielectric power factor

Typical medium power factor and temperature. At higher service temperature, the dielectric power factor of XLPE insulated cable is very small, which shows its advantages.

4) Volumetric resistivity

Compared with rubber, the volume resistivity of XLPE insulated cable is higher and does not decrease at high temperature.